Online casinos versus bricks and mortar casinos, out in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or countless other cities all across the world.  This is a battle that rages just as fiercely as Pepsi versus Coke and Harry Potter versus the Lord of the Rings trilogy if you will.  Which one is better?  Where should you play?

By all accounts and opinions, there are some definite advantages to playing poker in an online casino.  For one thing, it is incredibly convenient to play poker on the internet.  It is easier to play, to pay, to find the time and you can sit back with a beer from your own fridge rather than paying ridiculous amounts.

It is also easier to bluff on the internet who’s going to know?  You still have to be careful of betraying tells, but it can be much easier.  However, it is also easier to cheat on the internet, so you always have to be wary of your opponents.

Common Beginner Mistakes

When you are just starting out – I can promise that you are going to make a heck of a lot of mistakes in poker.  Honestly, I do not think that anyone who just starts out does not make some of these common mistakes.  We are going to outline just a few of them, for all you beginners out there – make sure that you read this so you don’t repeat these particular mistakes.

First and foremost, most beginners play way too many hands.  It happens because most people as soon as they sit down, they want to play. If you feel that this is something you cannot resist you might want to go on low-stake tables. To be quite frank, that is not always what is going to happen, so make sure you understand that.  Next, you always play above your bankroll.  What that means is that most beginners actually play more money than they have.

These two mistakes can not only be costly but they are not going to make you a better poker player.  Keep that in mind.