Welcome to our poker tips section. Each of the points made below are excellent pieces of advice, however, most were short enough snippets that I didn’t think they warranted an entire article to cover. The starting piece of advice centers around trying to bluff a bad player. Don’t do it! One of the most basic principles of choosing your spot for a bluff is knowing whether or not the opponent you’re trying to bluff is likely to fold a weak, but made hand — or fold a mediocre draw.

Don’t Bluff Bad Players

If you KNOW your opponent to make calls on the turn with an inside straight draw, or call with any flush draw at any point — don’t overdo it. If you know he’ll call you down with middle pair — don’t bother. Wait for a hand and let him call you down then. YOU are the donkey when you try to bluff the guy that won’t fold.

No-Limit Can Be Painful

Did a 24-hour session yesterday, and ended up winning under $100. It’s quite a frustrating feeling, especially when you know I was up about $1600 after like 22 hours of play.

The last hour was a typical no-limit wreck…. Two sets got all-in called on the turn and beat by flushes, had top two against bottom set — and made a queen high-flush on the flop with QJ just to see A4os beat my when he called my +pot-sized bet on the flop with nothing but the ace of hearts…

Anyway, the perfect hand to show what happened:

I picked up AKs on the button. 6 players limped (lol), so I decided to raise big — making it 15 Big Blinds. Two players call. The flop gives me a pair of kings AND the nut flush draw — talk about a dream flop. Player in seat one bets, second one in calls, I decide to raise 3x. S1 calls, S2 folds.

The turn makes my nut flush. Player in 1 bets right out again and I shove for about 2 pots more. Villain instacalls with two pair. River makes him his boat and I double him up.

Is Professional Poker Realistic?

I know I don’t have to convince most of you about the possibility of making real money and playing poker professionally, but still I like to give good resources — so here goes…

“Poker is beatable because the player is able to make decisions that have a positive expected value (or return). In other words, the player can make bets that will win the majority of the time, or at least enough to show a profit. This differs from other casino games, which all favor the house over the long term, regardless of how well one plays.”

Why Professional Poker Has Grown

The last 10 years the online market for poker and casino games has grown enormously. Of course there is a reason why this has happened.

First of all the Internet has grown and grown for the last 10 years. The online poker industry and online casino industry has also grown with the same success. The ease of playing at home and feeling very comfortable when playing poker online or casino online is priceless for most people.

Also the merchandising for and from the casino rooms and poker rooms did increase a lot over the last few years. The most online poker rooms get a lot of poker pro’s and let them play in their rooms. These pro’s will attract a lot of players that want to play in the same room, because their online poker pro plays there. The online kasino on the other hand spend all their promotion budget on commercials and online casino bonus. So if your playing for a casino en ligne bonus then you should go for the casino bonus because they are huge. if you are playing for the thrill of the game i would go to a online poker room and play there.

Online casino sites and online poker sites will grow much more for years to come. So if you wanna get in the action, you have to do it now.

Online Poker Advantages

Online poker has become increasingly popular in recent years and for all of you traditional players out there, you might not be aware of some of the fantastic benefits of online poker – and that is what we are going to touch base on right now!  Online poker is something that has spread like wildfire as soon as it started out and there is a reason for that: money.

Playing online poker is honestly one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, with people winning millions upon millions of money.  The best advantage of online poker is that whenever you win money, it is going to be free money.  Really, the only requirement needed to log into these types of poker websites is to sign up and sign up is usually free.

Another advantage of online poker is going to be the fact that you can shop around a bit.  There are many different sign-up bonuses that you can take advantage

What is Pai Gow?

To be honest, there are many, many different versions of poker that you might not even be aware of – even if you are an avid poker player.  For example, do you know what Pai Gow poker is?  Most people don’t, so do not feel bad if you have no idea what I am talking about.  This version of poker is actually Chinese and it was introduced to the US in California way back when.  Nowadays, Pai Gow poker is actually extremely popular everywhere, especially Vegas.

Now, onto how you play.  Well, a Pai Gow table will actually accommodate up to six players and a dealer and while in regular poker, all the players play against one another, where in Pai Gow poker, all of the players play against the dealer.  Seven cards are dealt when you are playing this Chinese version and each player and the dealer themselves must form two poker hands.  A high hand of five cards and a low hand of two cards, keep that in mind.

Immediately, the two highest hands will win each hand and only a single player having the two highest hands can simultaneously win.  While this game is a little more complicated than regular poker, it is definitely worth it to try it!