How to Play a Tight Poker Table

A tight table can be very good playing grounds for a poker player who can adjust his strategy appropriately. If you are playing against tight players you need to adjust several areas of your game.
First you need to understand what a tight poker table is. Tight players are those who only play a few hands before the flop. When they play what they have they will usually raise since you can count that they have strong cards. They also rarely easily give up when they play what they have since they have waited for a while for a good hand.
Tight players still have different styles of play but it is safe to assume that when they play their cards, it is often based on solid values. Remember that you need some good cards on your hand if you want to call the raise of a tight player. Another safe assumption will be that they will bet out on different flops or hold back when they get a scare card.


When playing against tight players you need to remember that you should know the risk when calling a raise from someone you read as a tight player but be willing to push for a raise yourself. Tight players will most likely re-raise you and push you off when they got monster cards but they also have a tendency to fold when they feel your strength.
It will be easier to read tight over loose players but it does not follow that you will rake in more chips when you play against them.
You also have to consider your position when playing at kind of tight tables. You need to look at how you are positioned from the dealer button and from the pre-flop raiser. Late position somehow gives you an advantage of stealing blinds against your opponents.
Also remember that sitting on the immediate left of a preflop raiser can give you some problems. Early position raises can make you vulnerable to the strong plays of the other opponents who have yet to make a move and since you are playing a tight table, your opponents will most like play it strong for their starting hands when they got good cards.

Concentration is Key

One thing that most people who are first starting out in the poker arena do not remember is that concentration is key to everything in the game of poker.  You always want to make sure that you are extremely sharp and that your mind is working in the right order.
The reason for this is because poker is a game about strategy and that takes a lot of concentration.  That is why drinking before you play poker is not the greatest idea, as that can definitely lower your concentration and your focus. Focusing on the game is certainly something that you need to do in order to win.

Don’t Play Over Your Limit7

Now that we have talked about drinking before playing, let’s move onto another topic that is very important when it comes to poker – that is not playing above your limit.  Playing above your limit is definitely something that will cause you to lose a lot of money in the long run.
Most poker tournaments have limits and if you are constantly playing ahead of your limit, you are going to lose a lot of money.  You always want to make sure that you are playing with an amount of money that you are comfortable with and not a penny more.
These tips and tricks were designed to assist you with winning – poker is not easy but it is definitely something that you can do!