Poker Strategy: How to Play Against a Loose-Aggressive Player

You may have heard the term maniacs if you have played some poker online. In real life these are the loose aggressive players who really play hard on with the aim of making your knees shake at every hand.
Some of these loose aggressive poker players are beginners or just really tilted.
Loose aggressive players do make money in the short run but can really waste all their chips once they face a tight aggressive player who cannot be bullied around. Here are some tips to outplay them:

Sit to the Left

If you are playing for cash, you can definitely choose where your place on the table will be. As you approach the board, you must locate the loose aggressive player and positions yourself as close to his left. This will be favorable because you can react to his plays. Sit to his right and you may just end up spending what you don’t want to spend.

Read Bluffs and Bets

Most loose aggressive players are not highly skilled poker players. They will be playing every hand that they have, be it good or bad. You need to read the situation right since they can play a raise or continuation bet even if they are playing some bad cards.
Watch out for their fanciness cause they can chase you down the river thinking that they have monster hands when they’re just holding a gutshot straight draw or can simply push you around.

Answer with Aggressiveness and Great Strategy

When you are against a loose aggressive maniac, you need to play your strong hands really strong. You will see your chips pile up. Play strong and make good decisions. You can make the maniac believe he has won a hand even though you have a higher chance of winning.
Play flop passive or bluff so the loose aggressive will be forced to play all his chips. See if he bites the bait and you will be bring home some stacks.