Positioning in Deep-Stacked Cash Poker

Knowing how to play when you are in position in deep stacked hold’em poker cash games is crucial if you don’t want to go home a sorry loser. Yes, position is still key like in any other round of poker but during deep stacked games, you will be faced with more occasions of fairly big bets during the turn and the river. It will be futile to make a big bet call when you are not in a good position.
Let us say you are holding an off suit A-J and is being three bet by an aggressive player pre-flop. What should you do? In case you are in a deep 100 big blind then you can consider calling it and pushing it all in when you get a pair or when you think you have a good fold equity. Put your opponent in a tough spot and check raise upon seeing the flop. The other player will be against a wall when he misses the flop or when he has marginal hands.
Let us say in another scenario you are in a 300BB. You again face a very aggressive opponent but I am pretty sure you will not be comfortable going at it when you just hit a pair. Even when you think he is not playing very well, the post flop might just push you against the edge and put your stack in a really bad shape. In a deep stacked game, an opponent can easily put pressure on you when you make a mistake with the other player having a lot of money still to check raise you when he thinks you made a donkey move.
When you are out of position, you should even have a tighter grip. On the other hand, play it really aggressive when you know you are in a good position.
Maneuverability is the name of the game when you are doing deep-stacked hold’em. And always, the player in position is highly favoured.  Try floating, flat calling or three betting when you are in position. Put those players who fold too much for example. Apply pressure and you will be getting most of their money at the end of the day.