Slots You Can Play With Friends

Slots started off as penny ‘fruit machines’ in local bars and pubs. The player would insert a penny or nickel, pull the handle, and hope the 3 reels would show a row of matching symbols. We’ve come a long way since then. Today’s slot machines offer multiple paylines, up to 243 ways to win, expanding wilds, bonus rounds, and reel re-spins, to name just a few of the innovative features and extras now offered.
It was only a matter of time before someone realized that the one thing missing from slots, both online and in real establishments, was the ability to play it like almost any other game; namely, with friends.
This is when tournament play came in. Tournaments are a great way to play your favorite slot and compare your score against others. It creates more of the social atmosphere that is traditionally missing from most online gaming and slots specifically. We’ve written an article all about online slot tournaments, and why they’re a fun way to add variety to your online slot play, that you can read here: tournaments for slots. However, now there’s yet another way to play against friends and family when gambling online. They’re multi-player slots, and bring the interactivity of tournaments to a whole new level.
Unlike with tournaments, multiplayer slots are more controlled and comprehensive. As with board games or video games with more than one player, these are slots that you share and play simultaneously with a few other players. Rather than being master of your own game and simply comparing your score to others at the end, you can see what the other players are doing and many times their actions affect your own outcomes. This opens up an entirely new realm of social interaction, as players can communicate with each other while playing against each other as well. It will feel like you’re standing right next to each other and playing on the same slot machine. Some slots require that you play against the other players, and in some you will need to cooperate- either to increase your mutual wins or to activate features. And because the number of additional players is limited (usually between 4 and 10) you can invite the friends and fellow gamblers you know in real life to play with you.
Check with your favorite casino to see if they offer a multi-player slot online today. If not, never fear- more are sure to be on their way.